Mardi Gras is usually a cue for one thing: crawfish season.
There is something about those crawdads that have all of us anxious to boil, crack, and eat them by the pounds. Some put halved lemons along with their seasoning, some put garlic, some add potatoes, some add corn and sausage. Whatever you choose to put in, it seems that everyone has their own ritual with the exception of some key characteristics that make a crawfish boil:

The signature purple bag or box of crawfish brought straight from the store.
The humongous boiler set in the backyard.
Zatarain’s seasoning (or if you’re a professional, your own blend).
Beer, beer, and more beer.
And a whole lot of paper towels.
It’s pretty much a big party.

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Crawfish 101: Cook, Crack, Consume
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