Regardless it’s at home or restaurant, your kitchen can’t be complete without a spice grinder. In general, a spice grinder is a kitchen appliance that is used to grind dry and hard spices. Therefore it’s a very important appliance in your kitchen. Having in mind its main objective is to grind spices, it helps you to add flavor to your food. This means you can use a spice grinder to grind your garlic, peanuts, corn, herbs, and many other spices. Due to their efficiency, spice grinders are convenient, fast and reliable. If you are still wondering what to use your spice grinder for? Below are some of the uses of a spice grinder.

You can use it to fill your spice rack.
Spice racks are also very beneficial to a kitchen. This is due to the fact that they not only add flavor to your food, they also improve the authenticity of your cooking. In the past, people used to fill their spice racks by shopping for spices. Once you have your spice grinder, you can say goodbye to shopping for spices. This is due to the fact that you can grind your own spices from scratch; especially with heavy duty spice grinders. All you need to do is dry your spice, for example, red pepper, ginger or any other spice and grind them.

Grinding fresh coffee.
Sometimes you may find yourself requiring a dose of caffeine in the morning. If you have a spice grinder, then you don’t have to buy coffee with additional flavor. You can use it to grind your natural and fresh coffee. All you need are dry coffee beans. The best thing is you can grind a small amount of coffee. This means you will be taking fresh and natural flavored coffee every morning.

Grinding seeds.
You can use your spice grinder to grind some seeds. For example, flaxseeds. These seeds are rich in fibers. They can also be used instead of eggs in baking. Despite all these benefits, these seeds are very hard. However, you can use your spice grinder to soften them. All you need is to fill your spice grinder with some dry flaxseeds and grind them.

Make powdered sugar.
Powdered sugar is mainly used for baking. If you have the regular sugar in your home, you can use your spice grinder to make powdered sugar. All you need is to add your granulated sugar into the spice grinder and grind it away. Within a span of time, you will be having your powdered sugar. Therefore, if you are a fan of baking and you have a spice grinder, you don’t have to worry about shopping for powdered sugar.

Making meat rubs.
If you are a barbeque lover, then you can use the spice grinder to add your favorite flavors into your meat. All you need is to gather all your favorite flavors and grind the using your spice maker.

From the above information, you notice that a spice maker has a lot of uses. Therefore despite being efficient and reliable, it’s also a versatile kitchen appliance.

The tool you need in the kitchen: The Spice Grinder
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